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MaSutasoma: A Balinese Theatre Performance of Epic Proportions Unfolds in Budakeling

An extraordinary event took place on 6 April 2024 in the village of Budakeling, the core village of the brahmana Buda of Bali: the performance, under the name of MaSutasoma, was a gambuh dance telling the Javanese story of Sutasoma, the most famous of the Javanese Boddhisatwas, which expounds the path toward Buddhist “Release” of the brahmana Budas from […]

Furniture Shopping in Bali: The Best Interior Design Stores to Shop for Sofas, Tables, Beds & More!

Shopping for furniture in Bali is always a good idea, but which stores to scour, we hear you cry? Read on, and get ready to raid… For furniture fanatics and homewares connoisseurs, there’s no Harrods on this island to fuel your furniture shopping obsession. Instead, we have to look to Bali’s boutique furniture stores selling beautifully hand-crafted […]

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